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Porsche Air Conditioning Service

 Feeling poorly, tired, run down or just can’t get rid of that permanent cough or cold?  Did you realise that your car could be you sick???  Unbelievable but true !!  If you fail to recharge your air-conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant you may be receiving unpleasant smells and harmful bacteria.  In order that your cars air circulation runs effectively the air-conditioning system needs regular attention.  In addition to this negative health issue, another important factor is that an air-conditioning system that does not have the correct level of gas has to work harder, in turn putting strain on the engine and subsequently using more fuel.  Jasmine can offer an exclusive Air-Conditioning Service which includes: -

 · System pressure & vent temperature
· Comparisons to recommended levels
· Full visual inspection
· Recovery of refrigerant
· Evacuation of air & moisture from the
· Leak test
· Recharging to recommended levels,
  adding fresh system oil as necessary
· Air-conditioning clear to clear bacterial
  build up & remove any unpleasant smells
· Any car, any make, any model

            £90.00 + VAT
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